TS-24F Seedling Tray

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TS-24F Seedling Tray

The TS-24F tray design is to improve the health of the plant while in the nursery and to enhance growth and survival of the plant in the field. Modeled on the TS-48F to give superior root structure and healthier plants the TS-24F tray provides an option for producing larger size plants in crops such as New Zealand natives.

Root Pruning 

By combining the complex structure of the cell wall designed by Transplant Systems, and including side slots, roots are air pruned, reducing incidence of root spiral, commonly seen in cell trays without these features. This also improves the overall performance when planting in the field due to the large quantity of young vigorous roots. To achieve good air root pruning trays should be on a bench with an open base more than 400 mm off the ground allowing for good airflow

Tray Venting

Holes throughout the tray placed between the cells allow an air flow that helps reduce fungal disease and gives better air movement through the crop than ground grown crops.

Plant Extraction

Due to the taper of the cell and taper of the side slots, plant extraction is much easier. We have also designed the base of the tray to allow for mechanical plug popping, so the entire pack out, of commercially produced crops can be mechanised. 


The tray is designed to be used in automated systems that dispense and fill trays. While strong and robust, every tray is made to exact dimensions. With long term use in mind, trays are made from virgin HDPE, with many of our trays developed more than 20 years ago, still being used in nurseries today. The tray is designed to nest when stacking, saving room when storing or transporting and resulting in stable stacks.

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