TS-45F Seedling Tray

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TS-45F Seedling Tray

Transplant  Systems TS-45F  cell tray resulted from foresters asking for an air root pruning tray as a replacement of the generic referred to Hiko 40 tray. Dimensions of the replacement tray would be the same width to fit existing nursery benching and tray handling systems. The study gave the 45 cell tray same width as Hiko 216 mm but adding one end row of 5 cells to give a length of 385 mm common to all other TS-F series side slot cell trays from Transplant Systems. The advantage is a 12 percent increase in seedlings per tray movement plus square cell with air pruning of lateral and bottom leader roots. The TS-45F tray has been exceptionally well received by nurseries needing to propagate high value woody plants.

  • Unique cell architecture to direct roots to side slot openings to be air pruned.
  • Slots are tapered to ease plant extraction.
  • Internal form and openings to encourage a natural root form.
  • With trays raised on benching surface vent holes allow upward air flow to pass foliage reducing chance of fungal disease.
  • Unique sharp edges at the top of each wall slot to shear off fibrous roots when extracting the plant.
  • Trays together retain cell pitch.
  • Top band with corner recesses to engage automatic stacking and destacking systems.
  • Tray length (385 mm) is common for all trays in the TS-F series tray program.
  • All trays can be mechanically moved through nursery work flow systems.
  • All trays are ok for automated washing and stacking.
  • Trays from Transplant Systems of different cell volumes can be used in the nursery without having to change tray travel guidance settings.

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