TS-144 Seedling Tray

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TS-144 Seedling Tray

The TS-144 seedling tray is made from virgin HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) resin with built-in UV protection offering an extra long life. The cell design makes extraction of seedlings easy (incl. extraction for transplanting by the HD-144 automatic planter) and eliminates damage to stems and roots. The square symmetrical shape of the tray is ideal for manual and automated processing throughout the nursery. The tray has a proven ideal cell volume to depth ratio for growing most vegetable seedlings. Large drainage holes in the bottom of the cells encourage a biologically and homogeneous root system.

TS 144 cell trays incorporate an innovative design feature from Transplant Systems to assist leaf vegetable crop establishment. The trays feature root deflection fins at the bottom of each cell to break root curl and encourage early root advancement into surrounding soils post-planting. Within 24 hours the planted seedling will show strong root growth compared with plants of the same production in same cells without root deflection fins.

The trays are easy to clean, stack and separate using either manual or automatic tray feeding to filling and seed sowing machines. Hundreds of millions of seedlings continue to be grown in our TS-144 seedling growing tray by large scale commercial vegetable seedling producers throughout the world.

For added efficiency, we recommend this seedling tray is used in combination with Transplant Systems' growing systems and planted with Sfoggia Transplanters.

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