Sfoggia Florida Transplanter

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Sfoggia Florida Transplanter

The Florida Transplanter is suitable for plant seedlings grown in cell trays . It has independent planting units, each attached to the tool bar with a parallelogram, this ensures an even planting depth on uneven ground.The plant carousel can be 6 or 10 cups and has a production rate of up to 4,000 plants per hour per unit with the 6 cup model and 6,000 plants per hour per unit using the 10 cup model.The FLORIDA is available in two versions: The ST version with a single toolbar which has a minimum row distance of 45 cm.  The STD version with a double toolbar with a minimum row distance of 25 cm.  The FLORIDA can be equipped with a fixed frame, a manual or hydraulic telescopic frame, or a hydraulic folding frame.

Check out our Sfoggia Transplanter Presentation video here

Options include:

  • Skids

For summer planting the Transplanter can be fitted with skids. This will give a great result when planting lettuce but gives the option to return to press wheels at any time. It takes less than 10 minutes per row to change the machine over. 
4 bolts release the wheel system.

  • Water

The Sfoggia watering device accumulates a volume of water for timed release as each plant is transplanted. Normally attached to a water tank mounted on the front of the tractor.

  • Fertiliser

Volumetric distributors for fertiliser along each row. The drive coming from the land wheels of the planter. The fertiliser is adjusted automatically if you increase or decrease speed and stops when the planter is not moving.

Large rubber press wheels, instead of steel wheels

This option can be good for soils that stick to the wheels, the rubber is flexible so the soil is easily dislodged as the planter moves across the field.

  • Roof/cover

More growers are choosing to add a roof to the transplanter in a demonstration of there interest in the wellbeing of the workers.

  • Front opener disc

The front disc helps open up the ground ahead of the planting shoe, particularly if you have some debris in the field.

  • Roller

The roller helps the planter maintain good depth control when planting in soft or sandy soils.

 Common applications are plants grown in cell trays with cone shaped, cubic-shaped or cylindrical shaped cells. The Florida allows perfect transplanting even of high and/or difficult plants such as tobacco, but is also suitable for lettuce, tomato, broccoli, cabbage etc.