Sfoggia Calibra

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Sfoggia Calibra

The CALIBRA is the vacuum precision seeder for planting vegetables and beet seeds in greenhouses and in open fields. The new concept and design means it meets the different needs of farmers and vegetable growers. The new technical detail of CALIBRA is the sowing unit, which can plant 1, 2 or 3 lines at the same time on the one machine (single line, double line "Twin" and triple line "Tris"). Just replace the sowing plate and the shoe as required. The CALIBRA has 2 fans, one for pressure and one for vacuum, which permits precision and avoids humidity inside the sowing bodies that a compressor would bring.

Second important technical point is the sowing disc which is the biggest in the market.

Applications: CALIBRA plants all fine vegetable seeds up to sugar beet.

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