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Broadleaf P4

Broadleaf P4 is an organic biodegradable polymer. It is a safe, granular soil and compost additive that has been shown to be beneficial for all plant varieties at all growth stages (and in all growing media). P4 is inert and stored and transported as small, non-hazardous crystals. Once these polymer granules are mixed into your compost/growing media and hydrated, they begin absorbing water and swelling. Once they are fully hydrated, they resemble jelly particles. Rain or irrigation water is stored right where it's needed - at the roots. Plant roots colonise the millions of tiny reservoirs of water-charged polymer gel and can extract over 95% of the stored water as required, over an extended period of time.

From a few flowers or veggies in the back garden to huge landscaping projects, P4 consistently provides great results that include increased growth, speedier maturation and improved plant survival rates in drought conditions compared to non-treated plants. It also reduces leaching and fertiliser wastage and provides improved soil structure resulting in better plant and root growth. P4 is ideal for landscaping and hobby gardening. Plants flower earlier and for longer as they have minimal water stress to slow their growth.

Broadleaf P4 Is durable in most growing conditions and crop production systems and lasts in the soil for years. It can repeatedly absorb, store and release water direct to the plant roots for 5 years or more - giving improved plant growth season after season, before eventually breaking down into non-harmful substances.

The addition of Broadleaf P4 into the growing soil, can reduce the necessity for watering plants by approximately 75% - greatly reducing ongoing irrigation costs.

Broadleaf P4 is available in 1kg, 5kg buckets and 25kg bags. It has a shelf life of approximately 25 years when stored correctly.

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