Urbinati Transplanter

Urbinati Transplanters have altered  nursery production methods  over the last fifteen years. Rising labour costs have meant that all nurseries can benefit from Urbinati Transplanters, whether it is to get through the work faster or to enable higher volumes to be delivered. From the largest nurseries supplying the box stores, to the small  nurseries, Transplanters will help to reduce labour costs   and increase production. Automated transplanters can help you  achieve big savings on labour costs.
A fast worker can transplant about 500 plugs per hour. Thanks to technological development, a single finger in an Urbinati transplanter can transplant and achieve double that output. 

​Our range of wireless Urbinati Transplanters  are fast, and very versatile. They are capable of planting out of virtually any plug tray into any destination tray, there doesn't have to be a relationship between the numbers of cells in each. Each transplanter finger has it own motor and is individually controlled so that they can pick up the seedling from the plug tray, and plant in the destination tray at any  spacings. The secret of the high handling speed of the Urbinati Transplanter is the ability to transplant multiple trays at the same time. Urbinati designed the machine and the program in a specific way that it's able to differentiate multiple trays, which speeds up the handling process.  Urbinati introduced the RW 64,  the fastest transplanter, that's available on the market. With a capacity of 55,000 plugs per hour.

The wireless grippers in the RW series transplanters from Urbinati also decreases the necessity of maintenance, the fingers need little to no  maintenance, there are no cables, no pneumatic tubes, no oil or other liquid around the grippers of the machine. This makes the costs compared to a standard transplanter much lower.  Urbinati transplanters  are ahead in terms of researching advanced technology solutions. Urbinati focuses on designing  the best solutions to help growers production systems, and  also to achieve a faster payback on the investment made on the transplanter. Urbinati transplanters are not mass produced robots adapted to the job, they are specifically designed to work in the nursery production system.  At Urbinati the focus is 100% nursery systems, so they understand the relationship between the upstream machines, down stream machines and the workers. With Urbinati it is possible to order a complete transplanting line, that dispenses the tray, fills it with soil, transplants the seedling and loads the transplanted tray onto the bench that sits in the greenhouse. 

 With Urbinati its not about gimmicks like so called "vision systems" that always  need adjusting and never really  cope with the multiple crops, shapes, colour, size of plants that most nurseries produce.  In New Zealand nurseries, it is not unusual to have 100 different crops, and small runs of just a few seedling trays. Even in large production nurseries in the USA many growers prefer the high production machine that can transplant at 55,000 plugs per hour. The beauty of the Urbinati transplanter is it can reconfigure quickly for small production runs, or pump out production at speed for large production runs, and always maintain the accuracy required time after time.