Urbinati RW16 Transplanter

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Urbinati RW16 Transplanter

The RW16 Wireless Transplanter is revolutionary, designed with wireless fingers, for continuous planting. Each finger has it own motor and controller. It can plant from any plug tray into any destination tray, making it the most flexible transplanter on the market.

This means the transplanter plants into a constant stream of packs or trays without the need for gaps inbetween. The transplanter works out exactly where the position the plant needs to be, taking into account the tray, pack design.

Using up to 16 fingers, it cycles from plug tray to destination tray up to 800 times per hour giving production speed of up to 12,000 plants per hour. The fingers are easily added and removed without tools. Simply slide more on when you want to double production.  There is an easy to use control terminal with 8.4" colour touch screen, and innovative graphic software, for programming, with Self-diagnostics shown on display.

The Urbinati transplanting line is one of the most labour-saving investments a modern nursery can make, while also improving the consistency of transplanting and providing a better work environment for all.