Urbinati RW32 Transplanter

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Urbinati RW32 Transplanter

The Urbinati RW32 Transplanter is designed for continuous planting. This means that the destination trays come into the machine in a continuous a line without  gaps between the trays. The Urbinati RW32 Transplanter works out where to plant using up to 36 fingers for seedling transplanting on a maximum working width to 2100 mm.

This machine is able to takes seedling from up to 4 cell trays at a time with pinpoint accuracy. A colour touch screen makes selecting programs simple and as always, Transplant Systems will train operators in its use after installation, so they can easily get production up to speed. Huge labour savings are to be had with the Urbinati RW32 Transplanter.

Users can program their own trays into the machine, give a huge range of options. The computer saves all the programs. Diagnostic screens give the feed back on inputs and out put to simplify fault-finding. The machine can work at the speed you set, and can run in Automatic mode or manual mode. It is also possible to step the machine with a press of a button to see each programmed step.

The Urbinati RW32 Transplanter can operate with up to 32 fingers, or less if required.  If one finger has a problem then it can be taken off the track and the new one added or operate with fewer fingers. All of this can be done with the use of tools, and there is no need to shut the machine down to wait for a technician. 

Note the needles on this machine are not round, so they give better grip on the plug as they gently lift the seedling out of the tray for transplanting.