Urbinati Vertical Bale Breaker

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Urbinati Vertical Bale Breaker

Many key features make the Urbinati VBB the best big bale breaker on the market. It has a small footprint and vertical peat scraping system. It has doors that close to keep the peat moist, even when not in use. A variable speed lift platform ensures the perfect amount of mix and particle size, with the bale contained in an enclosed area, break out does not produce large amounts of dust.

  • Automatic chain tensioners
  • Acoustic alarm for completed bale
  • Automatic pallet lowering
  • Minimum damage to peat using horizontal scraping
  • Bale is safely locked behind large doors 
  • Optical sensor on output for an automatic control
  • Visual indicator locating the pallet during the lift
  • Output chute with PVC sock reduces dust
  • Automatic water unit mounted on outlet with 4 x nozzles
  • Process part or complete bales

So how does it work? A big bale of peat on a pallet is placed into the cabinet. The cabinet door is closed and the controls are set. The pallet inside the cabinet is raised slowly and the compressed media scraped off by scraper blades positioned at the top of the machine. The process is controlled producing the amount of media flow needed at the container filling facility. Flow can be stopped at anytime allowing part pallet loads if media needs to be processed. As the scraping system is controlled electronically, the output from the bale can produce maximum breakout. 

These bale breaker machines allow customers to negotiate reduced freight rates for compressed media supply. The unit is fixed in a space saving upright position allowing a clearway around the unit.