Urbinati SIGMA80 Drum Seeding Line

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Urbinati SIGMA80 Drum Seeding Line

The drum seeding line SIGMA80 can reach a high production speed, thanks to the transverse positioning of the trays and the empty stack feeding belt which enables you to reduce the maintenance of the machine. Better cleaning through the advancement of the trays which have gaps as they emerge from the tray filler. 

The trays advance one after the other into the  tray filler, ensuring the maximum filling uniformity in every cell, also in the cells along the edge of the tray. The filling can be adjusted with one single handle and enables a variable filling with soft, medium or high density. 

The brush perfectly cleans the trays of the excess soil, which is completely recycled without any waste.

The driven dibble ensures a centred seed positioning in the cell and a perfectly regular shape of the hole.

The engineering on the seeding drum and computer control  produce a perfect singularisation with both small and big seeds.

A second seeding drum can be added for multi-seeding or chemical grain dispensing.

Changing the seeds or  tray type is fast, thanks to the fast adjustments and the drums are changed without tools.

The drum cover for vermiculite or other grains performs with great uniformity and enables the operator  to choose the working width and the quantity of product distributed, to reduce any waste.

Each component of the machine is designed and produced to improve the work of operators, in order to reduce the maintenance of the machine, and speed up the seed change between varieties.


  • Production up to 1800 trays/hour
  • The empty stack feeding belt reduces the maintenance of the machine
  • Trays advance one after the other on the tray-filler belt ensuring maximum filling uniformity
  • Filling is adjusted with a single handle and enables variable filling with soft, medium or high density
  • Brushes perfectly clean excess soil from trays which is recycled without any wastage
  • The driven dibbler ensures a centred positioning in the cell and a perfectly regular hole with perfect singularisation of both small and big seeds
  • A second seeding drum can be added for multi-seeding or chemical grains dispensing
  • The drum coverer for vermiculite or other grains ensures uniformity and enables you to adjust working width and product quantity to reduce waste