Urbinati YPSILON65 Drum Seeder

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Urbinati YPSILON65 Drum Seeder

The SEMYPSILON65 drum seeder with electronic control permits the seeding of one or more naked or pilled seeds
in the same cell.

The belt advancement system enables  connection to any other machine

Transplant Systems works with you to ensure the machine is set up optimally to meet your requirements. Swapping between seed sowing programs is simple, and we ensure the machine operators are trained and confident in its use.


  • Production in trays/hour; SEMYPSILON65 100-650, SEMYPSILON65 A 100-600, SEMYPSILON65 E 100-600
  • Seeder with electronically controlled drums.
  • The belt system enables this machine to become part of a complete line by adding a tray filler, a covering and watering unit, etc.
  • Up to 99 storable seeding programs
  • Multi-seed option: from 2 to 99 seeds per hole by programming
  • Seed holding plate with a pneumatic vibrator
  • Air blowing bar with double nozzles row
  • 5.7” colour touch-screen panel
  • Driven dibbler with cleaning brush and electronic adjustment