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Dosmatic MiniDos

The Dosmatic MiniDos low to mid flow, fluid (water)-driven proportional injectors offer a low cost alternative to traditional, non-electric technology. These injectors are compact and offer the widest range of injection ratios. Unlike traditional electric pumps, the MiniDos injectors eliminate the need for electricity and can operate in remote areas. They are easy to install and maintain - making them ideal for low-mid-flow injection applications. Now available for Peracetic Acid (PAA).

Precise additive injection

Proportional positive displacement ensures that just the right amount of chemical is injected each and every time, regardless of pressure and flow. An adjustable ratio sleeve allows you to change the percentages quickly and easily, to meet your injection needs. Chemical costs are reduced because of less waste in the injection process.

Safe and cost effective

The non-electric Dosmatic injectors reduce the liability risk concerns associated with traditional electrical pumps. The Dosmatic injectors use a patented one-way gasket. Only the mixing chamber and the lower end are exposed to the chemical. This prolongs the life of the motor, and the innovative mixing chamber design also ensures a thorough and precise mixing of the fluid and injected chemical. Typically, non-electric injectors reduce start-up costs by 30-60% over traditional electric injectors.

Durable body construction and ease of operation

The body construction has engineered proprietary composite material greater than PVDF, which withstands severe weather, the chemicals used for injection, and higher operating pressures. A built-in On/Off bypass allows you to stop the injection—but not the system, and an optional remote discharge is available for the whole product line.

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