Urbinati LAV10 Tray Washer

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Urbinati LAV10 Tray Washer

The LAV10 Seedling Tray Washing Machine is a high quality washer that can process up to 600 trays per hour. The LAV10E can wash up to 500 trays per hour but can accommodate larger trays. Also, available is an ultra violet sterilisation unit that sanitises used trays after washing with clean water. These machines are becoming more and more popular as growers seek to optimise their seedling growing processes in the nursery.

So why use a horticultural tray washer?

Plant diseases, pests, viruses and all sorts of nasties can thrive in the breeding grounds of moist soil. The best solution is to sanitise the trays so that the next seedlings to be grown in the reusable trays have a clean and healthy start to life. As you know, seedlings grown on a commercial scale, that are stricken with health problems, cost not only a great deal of money to dispose of, but also tie up valuable labour resources as you try and rectify the problem. Urbinati have worked hard to develop and streamline the tray washing process to make it as easy as possible for the operator to efficiently get the job done with minimum fuss. An optional de-stacker to dispense the dirty trays as well as a stacker to simplify collection of clean trays at the other end makes tray washing a breeze (see video).

Ultra violet lamps are used in many industries to kill micro-organisms that otherwise would cause severe problems if left unchecked. The Lav 10 tray washer with UV disinfection lamp is perfect for those growers that strive to be 'organic'. No chemical cleaning solutions are required, just high pressure water jets and a single pass through the UV light tunnel is all that is required to leave trays thoroughly cleansed and ready to be reused.

  • Washing, rinsing and disinfecting for all kinds of trays
  • Frame is stainless steel AISI 304
  • Hot galvanised steel base
  • Top plexi-glass door for nozzle inspection
  • Water filter with extractable drawer
  • Tray washing system with removable nozzles for an easier replacement
  • Rinse with fix nozzles
  • Stainless steel vertical multi-stage pump 3,7 kW
  • Water level control with float
  • Overflow pipe