Sfoggia Elektra-Touch

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Sfoggia Elektra-Touch

The Sfoggia Elektra-Touch is a revolutionary system equipped on  Sfoggia Precision Vacuum Planters.

An electric motor, and a touchscreen control, allows you to set the planter directly from the tractor cab, this guarantees a superior level of performance with all the manual operations simplified with just a “touch”.

The operator can easily set and monitor the whole sowing process including the pre-loading of seeds, correct distribution of seeds, fertilizer and geo-disinfectants or disconnection of sowing line.

The touchscreen in the cab connected to the brushless electric motors on the planting units ensures Maximum comfort, the operator does not need to get out from the cab to set the Planter, Easy to use you can record the data and re-use it in the future, optimise time by reducing all manual operations, and still guarantee excellent sowing precision even at 15km/h and no more chains to be adjusted means Low Maintenance.

Elektra-Touch is the perfect mix of technology and simplicity. The “Elektro System” is adaptable for seeders with 4, 12 and 16 rows.