Urbinati Seeders & Seeding lines

Seeding machines are  increasingly important for keeping costs down, and  over the last few years they have become more affordable. From  standalone  row seeder, to drum seeders through to large scale automatic seeding lines capable of thousands of trays per hour. It's not just the plug producers that can benefit from Urbinati Seeders & Seeding lines. We supply both row seeders and drum seeders and even accessories for potting machines for a range sowing. 

The use of a seeding machine can make small batches a viable option for nurseries. Seeders also mean that a grower can have more control over the plants they grow. They can ensure the quality is exactly how they require it to be by growing the plants from seeds themselves, they can also hold plugs back if needed if the demand isn't there or they can react quickly to late orders.