TS-256F Seedling Tray

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TS-256F Seedling Tray

Made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) virgin resin with UV protection, this 256 cell propagation tray is perfectly suited for New Zealand growers that grow small forest seedlings for transplanting into open field nursery beds using the HD 256 Automatic Planting Machine. This machine is fixed to plant seedlings at 100 mm spacing in the row with 8 rows each spaced at 100 mm.

The base of each cell allows for excellent air root pruning and provides a root form without root curl. After transplanting and formative growth, the seedlings are manually lifted and root pruned before being taken to the plantation areas for planting as bare root seedlings.

The TS-256 Automatic Planter is used to plant the tray of grown forestry tree seedlings into the designated open beds for growing on through to plantation readiness. These machines can be custom built to suit specific applications worldwide. The transplanter is only one part of the automation process - seedlings have to be raised to a very high standard in the TS-256F forestry tray and the planting beds have to be well-formed without large clods in soil that is not too soft.

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