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Automatic Transplanters

In today's globally competitive market it is increasingly important for growers to move towards crop planting automation. Transplant Systems' Automatic Transplanters are designed to save labour and provide a fast, efficient and cost-effective means of planting a large number and variety of seedlings. The key to success lies in a fully integrated and automated planting process. This requires a commitment to invest in high quality, reliable machinery; secure a reliable seedling supply; and use top quality, conditioned planting beds/fields. With all three elements working together, you can look forward to planting up to 30,000 seedlings per hour with as few as one or two workers. Please note automatic planters supplied from our Australian factory are only available to customers who already have a suitable seedling supplier or who are willing to invest in building their own seedling nursery. 


Transplant Systems standard automatic planters are available in 3 to 8 rows and can be configured to suit your particular requirements. They can be self propelled or towed coupled to a tractor (with three point linkage) and are compatible with tractor wheel centres of 1500mm to 2000mm. All machines can be equipped with GPS that communicates with your existing tractor GPS. Optional extras include fertiliser dosing, lighting systems for night work and car stereo to keep the workers happy! 

Simple and reliable

Easy to use and highly reliable, these transplanters require as few as two operators - to keep seedling tray magazines full and monitor the planting result. Plant spacing is adjustable along the rows and spacing between the rows is fixed at the time of ordering. Staggered planting is as simple as flicking a switch. The machines work on a mechanical timing principle (rather than using circuit boards) so ungerminated seedlings are still placed. This is rectified manually by someone walking behind the transplanter, but with a good seedling nursery suppling trays with 97%+ germination success this is not a big problem. 

Suitable seedling types

Most brassica seedlings are ideal for transplanting automatically due to their excellent root system that creates a firm root ball (e.g. cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli). Other crops may also be sown (e.g. lettuce, onion, leek, Asian vegetables, fennel, sugar cane, celery) however some may have a less extensive root system and require a binding agent to firm up the root ball. The Transplant Systems 144 cell growing tray was specifically designed to ensure easy extraction of the seedlings by mechanical fingers