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Sfoggia Sigma HWS

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Sfoggia Sigma HWS

The Sigma HWS pneumatic seeder is ideal for sowing corn, soybeans, sunflowers, sorghum and similar seeds. It was created for direct sowing in the strong presence of cultural residue and for sowing with minimal processing.

The planting unit consists of: front double toothed discs that clean the planting bed; - “Turbo” opener disc, whose name comes from the particular and special angles of the waves, which permits soil penetration in any condition; - 02 “V”-shaped opener discs with central shoe of strong material and side gauge wheels, forming the seed beds; - small seeds pressing wheels; double small steel discs, for cutting the soil surface and bringing soil to the back compression wheels and covering the wheels; - then back compression wheels “V”-shaped of rubber or of steel.

It is able to perform high precision sowing at speeds of up to 10 -12 km / h, even in extremely difficult conditions. It demonstrates Sfoggia’s know-how and commitment to robust, high quality, simple yet versatile to operate equipment.