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PlantPaper Semi-Automatic 2-IN-1

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PlantPaper Semi-Automatic 2-IN-1

When upgrading your production to a modern machine, there are many factors to consider. We believe the most important is to have stable and reliable production years ahead, high level of flexibility and as little downtime as possible. Therefore, we recommend upgrading to the new PlantPaper semi-automatic 2-in-1 machine.

This machine is designed to have a high production capacity, and at the same time, to be the most user-friendly machine on the market. The latest model has a colour touch screen for programing, diagnostics and production information. It is so easy to operate, it now sets the standard others aspire too.

PlantPaper 2-in-1 fulfills the demands of most growers around the world. The machine is, as standard, supplied as a dual line. This means you have can to have the same diameter on both sides, or alternatively, 2 different diameters on the one machine. The two lines can work independently from each other. This saves a lot of time if you have two sizes that you run often, as you have no change over time. It also gives great speed if you have both lines running at the same time.

In New Zealand you also have the benefit of the local support from Transplant Systems Ltd, when you become part of the group of growers that operate the PlantPaper program. With modern machines it is increasingly important to have local back up.

PlantPaper Semi-Automatic 2-IN-1 is designed to produce Paperpots in diameters from Ø15 to Ø80 mm. Extra features such as peat elevator, tray filler, dibble etc can also be installed on this machine.

• 2 independent machines in 1
• Diameters from ø15 to ø80mm
• Up to 18.000 plugs per hour
• Easy adjustment of Paperplug’s density and air content
• Works with many current New Zealand mixes including bark
• Optimized knife system
• Color touch screen panel for easy configuration

• Removable vacuum tank for easy cleaning on each side
• Easy length adjustment of Paperpots (no tools needed) on both sides
• Easy view of peat level
• Modern design and solid construction
• Low maintenance cost
• Adjustment of peat’s volume
• Multiple anti-torsion devices to keep the paper tracking correctly