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PlantPaper FSC - Short

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PlantPaper FSC - Short



  • Forestry
  • Pot & Bedding
  • Tree & Fruits
  • Other crops

Type II-Short has quality and a very affordable price.

Use:  Universal paper usability for Paperpots.


Take your cultivation to the next level by taking advantage of a wide number of cost-saving benefits.

Healthier and stronger root development, increased volume of secondary roots, faster transplanting and much more.


With the PlantPaper System, growing your Pot & Bedding crops will not only be easier and quicker, but the resulting product will equally be much healthier.

In fact, younger plants will benefit from greater uniformity and the crop timing cycle, as a result, it will be shortened.


Most crops can be grown with a PlantPaper System System. Notably so, we have excellent results with fruits, herbs, scrubs, coffee as well as other crops and plants. The reported benefits included a reduced propagation time, healthier and stronger root development as well as higher uniformity - just to name a few.