Mayer TM 2040 Potting Machine

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Mayer TM 2040 Potting Machine

Based on years of experience and after many expert talks with you, we designed a completely new machine, which was developed specially for the needs of modern tree nurseries. The TM 2040 does not only have an extremely robust and durable design, it is also very flexible. This allows 12-40 cm round pots and 7-22 cm square pots to be separated and processed. The performance of up to 2000 pots per hour and the particularly low height for better work ergonomics are setting new standards.

At the same time, the built-in linear motors allow particularly smooth running  and reduce signs of wear. The synchronisation of turntable, pot dispenser and drill stand not only increases the efficiency, but also allows for considerable ease of handling. In addition, all components of the machine (drills, fertilizer dispenser,etc.) can be switched on and off separately via the standard touchscreen. The innovative pot dispenser Potjet 2 allows the storage of an unlimited number of pots, which makes the change of pot sizes within seconds possible. Thanks to the ethernet connection, remote maintenance is possible at any time and without complications.

Advantages of the TM 2040 at a glance:

  • Robust and durable potting machine with reinforced chassis for use in tree nurseries
  • Very low height for optimal work ergonomics
  • Potjet 2 allows the storage of an unlimited number of pots, which makes the change of pot sizes within seconds possible
  • Running tray for additional substrate (especially suitable for bare-root plants)
  • More working spaces due to enlarged turntable
  • Comfortable operation via touchscreen (all components can be switched on / off)
  • Cone on turntable center prevents substrate residues
  • Tripartite soil chute for precise dosage of additional substrate on turntable center
  • Stainless steel console and stainless steel blades with forward and reverse mode
  • Automatic pot size change of the magazine
  • Synchronized control of pot dispenser, turntable and drill stand
  • Linear motors to reduce signs of wear and power consumption
  • Very smooth running due to linear motors
  • Separately controlled drilling unit to reduce wear of the drive unit on the turntable
  • Electronic remote maintenance via Ethernet connection