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KG Easy-Fix

Bench systems provide considerable labour savings, help optimise the use of space, are convenient and can be expanded into a totally integrated system. They help provide uniform growth circumstances, as they can be brought to any space in the greenhouse and workroom.

KG Easy-Fix makes it possible to assemble and erect benching entirely on your own, by screwing components together, reducing costs, whilst maintaining quality. Track parts are used to move the benches, and lifters operate on air. These are easily assembled and operated with a foot pedal. The entire track, parts, bench system is delivered as a building kit. The base elements, supports, are extremely easy to mount in the ground with concrete slabs or as post  in a post hole. The rails of KG-Systems are of an improved, quality hardened steel , which reduces wear and tear on the wheels.

Water is fed from below by the use of ebb and flood systems in containers. As a result, the foliage stays dry and exactly the right amount of water can be provided. There are both synthetic or aluminium canal bed options or irrigation mats.