Urbinati Double Rail Irrigation Boom

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Urbinati Double Rail Irrigation Boom

This double rail irrigation boom has been developed to meet the needs of a changing greenhouse market. Built for larger greenhouse lengths of up to 300m and for greenhouse widths up to 16m.

It uses a recoiling hose system - for maximising the greenhouse irrigation surface, without the obstacle of the hose. Redesigned for less maintenance thanks to a twin cable system, one for the water hose, used for tensioning the system, and one for the drive system.

Water hose lifetime is increased with the new drive wheel system, and the carriages use bearings along the rail. Maximization of irrigation area is due to the new flexible configuration of the components.

The Urbinati IRMO 4 features an electronic control system - offering an operator the convenience of many program combinations (via a control panel) to water and/or spray crops.

MOD 4 functions include forward/backward, cycle automatic/manual/continuous, speed adjustment 2-16 m/min one or two direction irrigation, number of cycles programmable, pre-drain timer, daily start programmer zone irrigation with a remote control able to manage up to 240 irrigation booms.