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B. N 50 Seedling Tray

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B. N 50 Seedling Tray

The 50 cell growing tray for seedling propagation  has square holes but comes with air vents between each cell to maximise air flow around the base of the plant seedling. This tray has a plug volume of 73cc. 

  • The B. N 50 cell, seedling growing tray has square cells and a plug size of 73cc.
  • The tray is 10 rows by 5 rows
  • Air vents between each cell to improve airflow around the growing seedlings.
  • External tray dimensions = 540mm x 280 mm.
  • All seedling trays are available in standard black or for large orders, two-tone black and white or copper coated or silver coated for root pruning 

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