The Greening Program

The brief from the Philippine  Government 

Plant 1.5 billion seedlings over 1.5 million hectares in six years, primarily for poverty reduction, food security, environmental stability, biodiversity conservation and climate change mitigation. Under the program, farmers—considered among the poorest of the poor—have been trained and hired to develop agroforestry plantations that involve timber, fuelwood, coffee, cacao, rubber, bamboo, rattan and fruit-bearing trees, to provide them with permanent livelihood and raise their level of living.

Transplant Systems were asked to offer nursery mechanisation. In order to create some jobs as well as mechanise production we  worked with Urbinati from Italy and offered 

Tray filler RC65, to fill the seedling trays.
Drum Seeder Ypsilon, to sow the seeds,
Irrigation  boom  IRMO11, to water the crop
To equip 11 nurseries
in 11 regions
throughout the Philippines. 

As for any procurement for the Philippine  Government, a thorough evaluation is done to ensure the highest standards are achieved. A team including  Government Officials and advisers travelled to the Urbinati factory along with Transplant Systems staff to ensure the machines were made to the standard required by the Department of the Environment and Natural Resources. (DENR)

Government Officials

Equipment in the factory

Delivery arrives 

Department of the Environment and Natural Resources. (DENR)

Training on the tray filler.

Training on the Irrigation.

Training on the seeder

Department of the Environment and Natural Resources. (DENR)

Clean production systems

Integrated mechanisation.

Local additions

Department of the Environment and Natural Resources. (DENR)

All started with a clear plan

The seedlings are growing!