Transplant Systems


Seedlings raised in cellular trays standing on free draining floors (such as scoria or gravel) can root through the drainage holes, resulting in a loss of control over growth and in some cases cause severe plant wilting when the container is lifted. We recommend all nursery crops in containers are raised on benching, as this provides perfect drainage, prevents root disease, and gives you more control over growth and transport of the seedlings. Apart from the biological benefits of benching: Pots stay clean (on the floor pots get dirty) Better working height (on the floor workers have to bend over all the time) Better space utilization (empty benches can be removed or half empty benches to consolidated the crop and put back in the growing space). Labour reduction (vast amounts of crop is easy to move in, out and around in the growing space). Option to automate crop movement ( basic benches can be pushed by hand but can also be used with internal logistics, and can be fully automated) Option to automate production lines, (using simple pot robots and tray push over systems benches can be loaded by machine) The scrap value can be up to 33% of the initial investment, with a concrete floors you will get nothing back in the future. Ebb and flood irrigation and water re-circulation are easy achieved with a benching system. We offer an array of benching solutions including mobile benches (for movement on rails), stack-able growing frames and racks, and portable post and rail benching which is quick to install. We can also design, supply and install a fixed tray benching system that suits your specific requirements.