Transplant Systems

Tree digging

The Holmac Tree Digger is an amazingly efficient tree digging machine manufactured in Italy. It has a high quality, Italian hydraulic system powered by a water-cooled diesel engine as well as a rotating, vibrating blade which cuts under the plant and lifts the plant up and puts it on a piece of tree root wrap (that you lay out). Transplant Systems is the NZ Dealer for the Holmac. The Holmac company in Italy is a wonderful company to deal with, kind and generous with the owners of the machines. The factory has expanded in the last few years to meet the demand for the Holmac and is better than ever, making minor upgrades to the digger as time goes by. Benefits of owning and using a HOLMAC machine: Hand digging creates oversize holes and big piles of soil. Driving, working or walking where trees have been hand-dug is tricky and dangerous. Repairing the damage is costly. You know what a tree spade can do to your roads and fields, as it tears up the area and compacts the soil. This machine provides a real competitive advantage in the nursery industry. With a small footprint, it can easily maneuver between rows and trees while working. The rubber tracks speading the weight over the ground, so it can drive across beds or work close to plants without compacting the soil the way heavy tractors or tree spades do. Working down a bed, The Holmac can extract 30-60 trees per hour, 240 to 480 per day. The key to this Machine is the fact that the blade vibrates at a very high speed and just cuts through the ground like warm butter.