Transplant Systems

Automatic Planters

In 2006, the Australian Commonwealth’s New Industries Development Program was designed to assist Australian agri-business in becoming more competitive. Transplant Systems was successful in securing a Pilot Commercialisation Project funding grant and used it to develop an automatic planting machine capable of planting lettuce seedlings in high density populations on prepared growing beds. A compact, High Density Transplanter that planted 6 rows of seedlings raised in square TS 144 cell growing trays was developed and tested - sowing 200,000 seedlings at full capacity. Following this, a commercial 4-row version was developed along with standard frames to hold the trays of seedlings. (This machine continues to plant millions of seedlings each year for Covino Farms, Victoria. By 2009, these machines were being exported to England and Holland with further growth in both domestic and export sales in the following years. The European manufacturing base closed in 2014, however Australasian demand and supply remains strong.